Sunday, September 6, 2009

Running from the Crackheads on a Beach Cruiser

Core77's Big, Overpriced Beach Cruiser
We like well crafted things here at BTCAW. Hell, we appreciate the time, the effort and the passion that goes into fine work, whether it's a good cup of Joe or a beautifully engineered building.  And while the peeps over at Core 77 have amazing taste and talent, I can't help but take a look at their latest collaborative venture and think, "Really?  A $1,600.00 beach cruiser?  Really."   Sure the details are tight, and I wish I built myself one, but a Brooks Saddle on a fucking beach cruiser?  A city beach cruiser.  I think I get the joke.
Y'know what's even funnier?  Some douche-bag Trustafarian  dropping 16 Benjies on this beached whale and cruising around Bushwick like he's still riding around the campus up at Antioch while some strung-out, out of work construction worker leaps out of the shadows and jacks his ass and turns around and sells me the bike for 40 bucks -- because even a crackhead knows a beach crusier isn't worth more than that.
It's like building a rickshaw out of Agarwood and Ebony and pawning them off on the producers of this video as $5,000.00 Richshaws .  Holy shit, I'm onto something... thanks Core 77!

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