Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recession 2009 IPod Case -- Brilliant

So you've spent the two bills on the phone plus the buck twenty-five on your monthly service but did you budget in an over-priced, gaudy case for your iPhone?  Don't even think about it!  You don't need a co-signer for this genius little wrapper.

We all know that even the basic rubber and plastic cases are way over-priced for the production cost, aren't recyclable, and lend zero cache to the owner.  But this pulp mash sleeve?  It brands the user and phone with green, recyclable hip-ness, and just a tiny splash of irreverence.   Are you really going to spend twenty five bones when just one will give you almost as good of protection?  And, you can get it personalized with Sharpy™!

So if you're into not wasting money, or contributing to global warming, get one of these and give your iPhone a squeeze.  It's practically the same as hugging a tree!

Contact the manufacturer here and get them to produce more!

Original story found at Consumerist

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