Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turkey Meatloaf on a Sun Night

Everybody likes meatloaf, right? Hey, at least the guys I grew up with did. Meat and potatoes. No frills. Give me a big, steaming, stiff cinder block of beef, dried bread crumbs and ketchup with some mashed spuds and some coffee milk.

Don't you agree? You sure as shit would be either a fool, or 80 if you agreed with me. Now while I like hearty food, I can't do grandma's meatloaf anymore. What I can do is this which is the best non meatloaf recipe I've ever followed.

Usually I rework recipes that I get online, but with this one I only add in two minced stalks of celery to the recipe. The mushrooms give a nice moist consistency to balance out the turkey meat that tends to want to go dry in a loaf.

I actually don't love meat but I do like hearty foods and this bad boy has that angle covered.

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