Monday, November 9, 2009

Damn This is One Sexy, Pedal-Powered Hit and Miss

Form vs function. Pretty vs practical. Cool vs convenient. Decisions to make, edits at stake. Fuck! I'm having a hard time deciding whether I think this bike, while really good lookin', is worth serious consideration as a mode of transport.  Designed with the same crisp, minimal aesthetic JRuiter carries through their terrific interior component design, it's meant to break down the object to its barest components, visually and functionally.

Again, I love the look -- balanced with just enough visual tension lurking -- the size of the wheels, the insanely short wheelbase and the gentle upward lilt of the center line of the frame going back.  There's the overhang of the seat giving the visual impression of a fender.  The design lends a sense of action with minimal touch.  And there's the matter of black and red-orange.  Me likey.

Now, for the bad. Damnit! I want to love this little punk of a bike with no reservations, but alas, I cannot.  Here's the breakdown:
  • The seat?  A tad narrow.  100% body weight on my balls.  Not so good.
  • No gears?  No go.
  • Rear mounted pedals means tons of forward lean on the handlebars.  Great for triceps definition not so much for comfort -- even for a short tripper
  • A short tripper?  I can walk short trips and wear fly threads if I need to look cool.
  • Cool don't get you to school.  
  • Short wheelbase = great handling.  Except, what good is it when you're only moving 5 miles and hour?  Tight turns at that speed means you fall over.

So, while I love looking at this gorgeous piece of work, the relationship is flawed once I consider it as a functional object.  It's kinda like bicycle porn.  It get's me excited, but fundamentally it never takes me anywhere.


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  1. i never ride my bike and i t is a dull standard.
    i never sit in my wing chair but it is a beauty. i would consider this just for it's looks as i often do with friends and party conversation. don't hate me because i beautiful. people always
    hate the popular and pretty.