Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ride With the 40 Rider Profile: Bobby

This is one of a number of rider profile I've produced for Ride With the 40.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wunderdogs HD

Watch Full Screen on Youtube

Another POV video of my dog Brinks walking along the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Shot with mini HD cameras for submission to the One Day on Earth collective as part of my Wunderdog series.  We're still looking for interesting dogs to shoot.  If you're in the tri-state area and want to learn more about the Wunderdog project and have your dog featured, contact me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walter: Thrown-Away Pit Bull Beats the Odds

What can you say about a dog like Walter?  He's a doggamn miracle!  His story is far too common for Pit Bulls.  Discarded and dying on Easter Sun 2010, he was rescued on the streets after being tossed out of a car, riddled with mange.  Thru love and determination, Alex Darcey and Ro Juska stuck by the little, hairless, mange-riddled puppy-in-need.

Alex and Ro reached out thru Facebook and a blog to let people know about Walter's story.  Thousands of people from all over the world became involved, donating money and posting well wishes for Walter's recovery.  It wasn't easy, and it wasn't quick, but Walter's tenacity and spirit helped him to recover.  Here he is, fully recovered, with Alex and Ro on the Today show.

Don't forget to Vote for Walter and Brinks on BadRaps' "My Pit Bull is Family Calender Contest!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Brinks 8-28-10

It's been a while so I'm doubling up this one!

Chihuahua Plays a Game of Pool

The cuteness factor is off the charts for this dark little mexican canine pool shark. I almost can't stand how adorable Amadeus is.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Fat Cat Unimpressed

Apparantly in Japan, they're just a ridiculously about pampering their pets as we are here. There's just something cuter about it when they do it compared to us. Check out this unimpressed Shirobu cat at its birthday party

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sara: Dog who enjoys swinging

Sara is a Labdrador-Chihuahua mix, which is pretty crazy when you think about it.  What's even crazier is that she enjoys the rides her owner gives her on the playground swing.  She's actually holding on with her paws to give herself support as she swings thru the air.  It's pretty cool.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cutest Corgi of the Day

So gosh darn adorbzical!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Adorable Dog in At-At Costume

OMG. Though on paper, I tend to loath the concept of owners dressing their dogs in humiliating costumes, sometimes certain costumes just make me crack up and laugh, especially when the pooch seems to actually enjoy wearing it. This awesome canine has a grin much like my own Brinks that's unmistakable in the video's opening. I say this is the perfect combo of awesome owner, awesome dog and awesome costume.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hilarious Spoof of NYT Meet the Couples Videos

OMG if you've ever watched any of the New York Times' shlocky,cavity inducing, "Meet the Couples Videos" you'll laugh your ass off at this parody. Very well done, funny people.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Brinks

Catchin' Scooby Snacks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spider Crab Sheds Shell

Pretty amazing video of a captive Spider Crab shedding its exoskeleton. It takes a while in the video for the crustacean to actually do it, and for the first minute plus it just kinda wiggles (as much as a spider crab can wiggle) and moves about prepping itself, but near the end, the entire process happens rather quickly. Pretty cool. I better to the crab the end result felt AMAZING. I imagine it's like wearing an outfit 2 sizes to small for days and finally shedding it all.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Orangutan and Dog

Completely adorable and wacky friendship develops spontaneously between an orangutan and dog at a South Carolina animal Sanctuary. Suryia and Rosco, BFF.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hoppy the Deer

There are times when magic happens between humans and animals, when care and love is shared unconditionally.  In a time when the BP oil spill is seemingly ravaging the welfare of our planet, with pictures of oil soaked birds and wildlife everywhere, it's lovely to find a story like the one of Hoppy the Deer.

A Quebec couple found a lost fawn on their doorstep one day.  Knowing that the sickly animal would not survive without their help, they took the little deer in and nursed it back to health, raising it within their home and on their land, with a little help from their cat, Tiptree.

As Hoppy grew strong and confident they released the maturing deer back into the wild, spotting him from time to time.  It's a wonderful story of trust, hope and mutual growth.  and Check out more on the official site, where their wonderful 30 minute documentary is available.  Please support efforts like this that show what a wonderful world this can be when we gently walk along with nature, putting our best foot forward.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now I'm singing with my Gay Voice

This is so obvious, but well done, and hilarious.  Jon Lajoi gets busy riffing on the boy band phenomena.  


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Brinks

Friday, May 21, 2010

Children Shape Shift the Darndest Things

Can't wait til the nightmares start after watching this awesomely terrible, well-made, simply hypnotizing video.


Aspire to Greatness

Don't know about you, but I want to rock it all out while I'm here on this big blue marble. This new Nike Commercial is both hilarious, inspiring and incredible. Love it.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Weekly Brinks

He's back...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Holy Diver

Listened to a ton of Metal in High School. Holy Diver, for whatever reason, is one of the songs from my past that I often find playing in my head regularly for no apparently good reason. Sad to see Dio pass.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Top of the World

My Dad passed away in Oct 09 and I recently went thru some family photos. This one is just so precious to me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Get Ready for Summer....

Now that I'm getting better w the broken ankle and summer is right around the corner it's time to start getting back into shape. That means exercise, nutrition and a qualified physical trainer in my corner. I've decided that if I'm going to do it, and do it right, I gots to get Don Rickles and Buddy Hackett on my team. Apparently the Italian ladies like this sort of thing. See for yourself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seal Has Crush on Woman

I can't help it. I love cute animal videos. This one is a bit long, but pretty amazing in the fact that this huge seal can't hide its affection for a young woman on the beach. Both are very trusting of the other and it makes for a very sweet encounter. Cuteness trumps all.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 - The year of the big break.

I must say for all my insistence months ago that 2010 will be one of the greatest year ever for me, there's been some interesting developments -- that on paper -- would lend a casual observer to believe that my 2010 is actually on course to becoming the biggest shit-clown-year ever. I was expecting a lot of breaks to go my way. Boy have they ever.

For starters, in January, my wonderful old dog Demo passed on at the age of sixteen -- a dog I had lovingly written about in 2008's Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog -- my heart was broken. Then I ended a 5 yr relationship with my GF, a relationship that provided comfort and stability but little passion. Despite her being a great person, she was not the right one to move into the future with. Let's call this one, a broken home.

Regardless of my new freedom came definite insecurity, in the form of a much bigger rent and overhead, on top of demanding self-motivated expectations to ratchet up my career trajectory this spring. Still, I felt strong and liberated; like a new man. Sure I missed my dog, missed my girl, but I was emboldened by a hunger to take the bull by the horns, life by its tail. I was ready to jump right into the face of destiny and give it a great big kiss right on the lips.

Then a funny little thing happened in March. An accidental jump at a shop at which I freelance. I slipped at the top of a steel-framed, cement staircase, tumbling down nine steps. My flight came to an end on the stair's landing and my left ankle took the brunt of the force and simply went, "booyah!".

I'm telling you, it was like a horror movie. It was broken, and broken ugly. I will not show you the pictures because you might just be eating as you read this.

I spend the next 4 days in the hospital, got TONS of morphine, two plates, 8 pins, and the worst, most disgusting diet vanilla pudding I've ever had the misfortune of putting near my face. Sitting there in the hospital, I freaked out. I'm not good at non activity. Besides I had Brinks, my super awesome, super athletic, super sensitive, 70lb dog back home that needed to be taken care of, bills to pay, papers to file -- a life to live. So,feeling higher than Keith Richards on New Years Eve '71, I began coordinating with friends to walk the dog, got on the horn with Worker's Compensation to make sure all was copasetic, freaked out about being crippled for the next 2 months, and -- besides having a blood-dilaudid level of 99.0 -- was still in excruciating pain.

But I'll tell you something, nobody every benefited from being a Crabby Crabberson, or a Moaning Moana -- no matter what the situation. Sometimes you might have to scratch™ and break thru the surface of the fear and loathing to find the real truth in the situation: don't ever stop moving, no matter what broke your momentum.

So, after about 45 minutes of getting soaked in the middle of my own shitstorm of fear in that hospital bed, my gown on, my foot hanging off the side of the stump of my shin, I ended the negativity. Done. Time to clear the sky.

It's been 3 weeks since and just got my first check up with my Doc. My leg feels almost completely pain free (I got off the pain meds 9 days ago), I'm now a goddamn artist with the crutches, my friends have rallied around me like I was shitting bars of candy and gold, and I've got the summer still ahead of me -- and more importantly I'm single. Goddamn right I am.

You know what's a better babe magnet than a cute dog? A cute dog attached to the leash of a guy with a cast on his foot who's got a positive attitude. Now, I'm not on the prowl, but I'll certainly take any attention I can get. I'm not going to deny it. A nice hello, a sweet exchange with a cute gal -- makes me feel better than just about anything, well anything that doesn't come from a poppy plant, anyway.

More importantly is the fact that even with one good leg, right now I can still be creatively productive with my writing and production work. I can't work, but I can deal with things at the home, and nothing can be better for the soul than self expression. I may not be able to move as well as I could a month ago, but I haven't let myself become too hampered mentally. My brain, I'm pretty sure, is still intact.

So, I've got about 5 more weeks of a cast-type lifestyle, then rehab. Even after that time I'll be using a cane and walking around a bit slower, but I will be damned if my upward trajectory toward success is going to tripped up by this little accident. Not this guy, not this lifetime. I swear I'm going to have the best 2010 ever!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brinks on the Brooklyn Bridge: Wunderdogs

This is the first video in a project we are developing called Wunderdogs. The goal is simple and uncluttered: showcase the spirit and personality of dogs of all shapes and sizes within the control of a daily walk. A custom designed and fabricated steady cam rig allows the walker to both walk and film the dog at the same time.

By maintaining the integrity of the control, each dog's personality will come to the forefront, obvious for the viewer to see. Music may or may not be used going forward for each video.

This little mammajamma features my own dog, Brinks on the Brooklyn Bridge, with Kid Cudi's Up Up and Away as music. Go buy his song here!

Do you live in the NYC area and want your dog featured in the project? Contact me!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amazing Pedigree Ad Super Slow-Mo Dogs Catching Treats.

Well behaved dogs are always cute and deserve a nice treat for behaving so.  Check out this incredible commercial spot by Pedigree that shoots a number of dogs at 1,000 frames per second eating their well earned snacks.


Friday, January 22, 2010

My Dog, Demo.

The other day, I buried my dog, Demo. He was one month shy of his 16th birthday. His heart was strong, his will to move forward never in doubt, but inevitably his body could not keep up with his spirit. Old muscles, having given their best, had nothing left to give.

It's been a hell of a ride with the scruffy man. Over thirteen years of constant companionship on my watch; non-stop tail wagging, one-way fetching, countless moments of bad manners, a rain-forest's worth of tree marking, more face-lickings served than McDonalds done customers, and about 6,000lbs of food eaten -- not all of it his -- and every moment of it all fueled by the unmistakable joie de vie gifted by man's bestest friend.

I experience my world in a very tactile way. I'm a dirtdog. I like tastes, touch, sounds, smells. I used to constantly grab Demo and nuzzle in close. Nutty ears I remember the most and his coat always smelled like a stuffed animal's. I remember very clearly when he was five years old, pulling him in while watching TV and holding tight, trying so hard to etch a permanent memory of the moment in my brain -- something to remember in the future when he was gone. Dog's bodies don't live forever, and knowing he was five, I couldn't help but think his life might be half-over. A 65lb Pit Bull can expect to make it to 10-11 years on average, certainly more, but who knows? I remember trying to soak the moment in, and hoping and asking the universe, "Just give me 10 more years with him."

A few years later the project that became Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog was hatched. Charles Schulz had died. To me Snoopy was the essence of dog presented in the most innocent of ways. I adored Charles Schulz for having created such terrific characters -- all the peanuts. Strangely, and to this day, still inexplicably, my mom has always referred to me as "Charlie Brown". Her reasons are forever unorthodox, but the connection is appreciated. Snoopy always felt like my dog in my child's mind.

Demo was my Snoopy and I wanted him to become Snoopy for a few others. Time will tell what the book's legacy will be. The shift in cultural perception of Pit Bulls is well underway and I felt like the book was the right one at the right time.

In his quiet moments, Demo was a haunted soul. The runt of the litter from a junkyard mother, he was forever looking for the teat that he had missed out on. He would often grow restless in the house and whine and pace, seeking something he could not find. He'd grab a t-shirt or sock and ball it up and suck on it. I would often comment to people that he was a spirit that had no master. He just truly seemed to be in searching of something beyond what I could provide.

In the lower east side of NYC, on Ludlow St, Demo was a celebrity. Out on the walk, he was gregarious and handsome, an unstoppable force of love and slobber. He wanted to say hi to everyone and everyone wanted to say hi to him. People adored him. Within that energy exchange this dog shined brightest.

I remember one late night back at Beauty Bar so many years ago, I was going to pick up my girlfriend at the time and brought him along as I always did. There was a guy hanging out who upon seeing Demo enter got down on his knees to give an unabashed hello to this strange, handsome dog -- expecting the same in return. I had Demo on the lead, and told the fellow that I'd let Demo go, but Demo was going to probably tackle him in the process. The guy didn't care. So I cut Demo loose and he knocked the giggling fool over, pinning him down and raining slobber all over his face -- to the guy's delight.

I think all Demo really wanted to find was love. Don't we all? Some crave it more than others, prioritize it on a higher rung -- and a dog's sense of it is different than ours, no matter what anyone says. But it's there. And Demo searched for it. Sometimes he found it kneeling down on a bar floor at 4am (hey, who hasn't?) and sometimes he couldn't find it no matter how hard he tried.

My dedication to him knew no bounds. Loves came and went, homes changed, friends faded into memories, but this dog stayed by my side, whether he belonged to me or not; we both belonged to the journey.

Six years ago Demo came as close to dying as a dog can get. His entire head became paralyzed and he could not move any part of it, except for his tongue. Poetic, and fortunate. I was able to feed him blendered food with a gargantuan syringe, squirting it into his gaping, slack mouth while his tongue did all the rest. You can imagine the mess. Especially when he shook his head. While all the muscle in his head shrunk away, and his body wasted from fighting some unknown cause, I did everything I could with my girlfriend's help. His tail still wagged and his eyes still shined. I refused to give up on him. His spirit was alive, even if his body was betraying him. Theories came and went as to exactly what was going on, and how to treat it. Everyone except for my closest friends thought I was a fool.

Then, after three weeks, he started to slowly come back. It took many months, but he made it back. Bit by bit his jaw started to move. Bit by bit, his eyes that couldn't blink, started blinking. Bit by bit, his nose started sniffing. He came back. Muscle and weight returned. He was damaged, missing an eye and wobbly but relatively whole. Together we did it. Our partnership now complete.

Demo had never been a good listener. I took it as partial evidence of his detachment and "masterless" ideology. While commands never bent his ear, there was a shift over time after his sickness. He seemed to develop a bit of an inner peace, maybe an understanding of something fundamental. His whining faded away, and whenever he went looking for something, it was usually me.

After all those years, my search too had completed. I could finally see that he was my dog. He had found me. Maybe it just took a while for the two of us to realize. Maybe the conversation was begun that day over10 years ago. Maybe when I was holding tightly asking for 10 more years it was Demo who did all the listening.

Godspeed good buddy there will never, ever be a dog like you.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK Go This Too Shall Pass Video

I adore this video and the song.  Perhaps it's the kilo of Purple Hash I smoked this morning, or maybe it's just cuz every bit of this thing screams, "funjuns!"

Anyhoot, the record company has disabled embedding of the video, but you can catch it right here and you should.  The band is OK Go and the song is This Too Shall Pass.  These guys consistently put out very fun, creative videos.   If you haven't caught the video for Here it Goes Again, you might want to check the wifi connection in your spider hole and get on it right now.

 This Too Shall Pass Video Link

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm With Coco Too

Thanks to YesButNoButYes for posting this great image and stating their solidarity for Conan O'Brien, who by my account is getting the royal shaft from typically unimaginative studio execs.  Are you with Coco?

Pound for Pound an Inspiration

You may not know of Joe Rollino, you may not know that Mighty Joe was 104 years young but appeared and acted to be decades younger.  He was a famed strongman, able to perform amazing feats of strength and stamina.  He was a vegetarian, avid health nut and man of many accomplishments  -- a true New Yorker.

People admired and adored him, not just for his longevity but the conviction he had in living a long, active lifestyle.  In his prime he weighed between 125 and 150 pounds and stood at barely 5' 5".  Pound for pound, experts say, he was the strongest man of his time.

Unfortunately, yesterday he was struck down in an unfortunate accident by a vehicle in Brooklyn, and died soon thereafter.  They don't make them like him anymore.

For more info:  Via

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't support the war, but I support

For as long as man and dog has worked collaboratively, dogs have been used in war. From armored combatants to military base mascots, they've been by the soldiers' sides. Some notes from around the web:

In 1942 "Dogs for Defense" began a modern military dog-training program that would supply the demand for man 's Best Friend" for combat units and security in the European and Pacific theaters of WWII.

Dogs have saved countless numbers of lives. In Vietnam, War Dogs are attributed with preventing over 10,000 casualties. In the past 60 years over 30,000 canines have loyalty served this country saving untold of Americans in battle.

Many of
these dogs would have received gallantry awards - if awards had been issued to dogs - because they did their job and did it well. The only reward they needed for their bravery and loyalty to man was nothing more than food, water and the praise of their handler. - via

Check out this short article on Ringo, a bomb sniffing dog with the Marines in Afghanistan HERE.

The Weekly Brinks

Monday, January 4, 2010

Acoustic Crowd Control

Amazing video of one musician, one song, one Newark airport gate filled with tired, stranded travelers during last night's airport shutdown -- and one reason to believe mankind isn't all that bad after all.