Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hoppy the Deer

There are times when magic happens between humans and animals, when care and love is shared unconditionally.  In a time when the BP oil spill is seemingly ravaging the welfare of our planet, with pictures of oil soaked birds and wildlife everywhere, it's lovely to find a story like the one of Hoppy the Deer.

A Quebec couple found a lost fawn on their doorstep one day.  Knowing that the sickly animal would not survive without their help, they took the little deer in and nursed it back to health, raising it within their home and on their land, with a little help from their cat, Tiptree.

As Hoppy grew strong and confident they released the maturing deer back into the wild, spotting him from time to time.  It's a wonderful story of trust, hope and mutual growth.  and Check out more on the official site, where their wonderful 30 minute documentary is available.  Please support efforts like this that show what a wonderful world this can be when we gently walk along with nature, putting our best foot forward.


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  1. glad you arn't in US, cause the govt would come and either take the deer or kill it. has happened several times when people take in wild deer